Find your passion

Re; Find Your Passion

High chances are that you might have heard before to find your passion as that’s what most of the successful entrepreneurs often suggest the beginners.

It’s easy for them to say but it’s not as easy as it sounds—if I were a beginner; given any field, I wouldn’t be so sure about how to do so. When I was first introduced to making websites, what all I knew it was it’s something people do for money and that couldn’t be what I would be passionate about.

As the time passed, I started being curious about how websites work behind the scenes, how those design chunks gets converted into a code. Today I can say that I’m passionate about WordPress and everything around it.

Finding your passion, is often an incident. Those who have already found it, call it an easy way and recommend you to do the same. But you should forget about finding your passion, and instead:

That’s the best advice one could use to start something new and ultimately, you will find your passion.

My name is Ram Ratan Maurya, and I’m curious about WordPress. What about you?