• Sometimes, you actually need a break

    There is a very slight difference between “Workaholic” and “Hard Worker”. I have been working without any breaks for a two years of a long time. No weekends, occasional outings and lesser contacts. While I was thinking it would bring me more productivity, it actually started killing it. Only then I figured: Being at work and […]

  • The Bling City – Delhi

    The Bling City – Delhi

    It’s about November’13 when I moved to Delhi, thinking of a better living  and work than my current city Varanasi. But as they say, not everything works as planned, that’s what happened.

  • 2013 Year In Review

    2013 Year In Review

    Since last year, I started writing “Year In Review” every year to track my own progress year by year and also for them who are interested in things how I made it happen. If you haven’t already seen the last year’s review, you might want to take a quick look. Speaking of last year, when […]

  • First Two Hours of Contributing to WordPress Core

    If you have read my previous article about completing 2 years with working with WordPress then you must be aware that I recently decided to contribute to WordPress Core. I have committed to contribute to WordPress core every Sunday for an hour. Last week I started doing pretty small things, like reading docs about how […]

  • Two Years with WordPress

    It’s been exactly two years today since I started working with WordPress and that was the best decision I made ever. I’ve been always thinking of giving back to the community but always ended up with an excuse of not knowing how to. In past 2 years, I’ve done more than 50 sites on WordPress […]