First Two Hours of Contributing to WordPress Core

If you have read my previous article about completing 2 years with working with WordPress then you must be aware that I recently decided to contribute to WordPress Core.

I have committed to contribute to WordPress core every Sunday for an hour. Last week I started doing pretty small things, like reading docs about how to contribute and noticed a few bugs in codex itself and took that straight to Nacin but it seems that the bug was around for a while where the code snippets on page were autolinking the links.

Anyways, yesterday I did something more than reading docs and fixed a bug in WP Core where public_vars was set incorrectly. So I quickly created a ticket and made a patch and in few hours the bug was fixed in the latest revision of trunk.

And that’s how I made my first contribution to WordPress core and I strongly agree with Luc Princen that contributing to WordPress is very addictive.

I’d looking over more ticket that needs patch next week and also look around for any bugs I can encounter.

Meanwhile, we are doing cool things around Codestag.