The Bling City – Delhi


It’s about November’13 when I moved to Delhi, thinking of a better living  and work than my current city Varanasi. But as they say, not everything works as planned, that’s what happened.

I have bunch of problems here in my current city and I just keep fighting and fighting with it. To count a few, it’s the Internet, electricity and resources problems I’m talking about. India still got way far to go when it comes to tech related stuff, especially the small towns.

For the sake of work, and a better life. I decided to move out of Varanasi and took the flight to Delhi where I thought I could get myself settled soon, thanks to my dear friend “Raghav Joshi” for letting me stay at his place for a while.

I was enjoying my temporary stay and meanwhile I worked on some future plans and when I was about to get a new place to stay and get things to next level I was dragged down back to where I was. My family needed me and I had to come back. That’s why they say:

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.

Besides, being from a small town I find it quite difficult to get things running in an all new city with less to zero support. And it also started to affected my venture Codestag since I wasn’t able to work well for 18 days and that’s reason why our latest theme, Crux was delayed.

But wait, not everything is bad here. The good news is that sister is getting married in next month and that’s why I had to come back. I’ll be returning to Delhi back again, where I can have a better internet connection and better living, and maybe take my family along 🙂 and start things with a better perspective.

2014 is bringing many new exciting things, and I am up for it.