Sometimes, you actually need a break

There is a very slight difference between “Workaholic” and “Hard Worker”. I have been working without any breaks for a two years of a long time. No weekends, occasional outings and lesser contacts.

While I was thinking it would bring me more productivity, it actually started killing it. Only then I figured:

Being at work and getting work done are two different things.

On my recent trip to Mumbai; which I planned for attending WordCamp Mumbai’14 was indeed a game-changer for me. It just feels great to stay away from work for a little and enjoy the little things, now be that:

  • Talking with Rickshaw/taxi drivers or
  • Trolling with Hotel staff or
  • Debating on small issues
  • or just chilling on the beach

I missed the work I used to do 16-18 hours everyday, however, but I only grabbed my laptop once or twice during the 6 days trip.

Now when I’m back at work, everything feels so new and am more excited than ever about my work. Several new ideas jumping around my mind, and I’m getting more work done now.

I will make sure I keep taking breaks, once in a while.

Here are a few snaps from Mumbai Trip that you might enjoy.