2013 Year In Review

Since last year, I started writing “Year In Review” every year to track my own progress year by year and also for them who are interested in things how I made it happen. If you haven’t already seen the last year’s review, you might want to take a quick look.

Speaking of last year, when I started Codestag, it was just a blog focused on Web Design, and Web Development tips and tutorials. But it didn’t go as good as I projected it to be since I wasn’t very active at blogging. I leave it to people like Chris Lema and Brian Krogsgard.

I was continuing with multiple freelance projects over at oDesk.com and then I got a project for creating a WordPress theme developement framework based off Options Framework by Devin Prince. And I got an idea of having a WordPress theme shop. By this time I also had a theme on Mojo Themes which didn’t receive good response, but wasn’t a bad one either.

Codestag.com got a new beginning

It was mid-January when I decided to open a WordPress theme shop and I started designing a theme but certainly I wasn’t really very good at it. What I wanted was to be different than other themes overflowing on ThemeForest and one fine day while having my morning coffee and browsing Dribbble shots ( that’s my favorite part ), I came across profile of John Fraskos and I must say, I was pretty impressed. I quickly sent him a proposal to be the designer for Codestag Themes and in couple of days we got into an equal partnership and that’s how Codestag got it’s new beginning on 26th Jan.

Since then, we have released 7 themes while 1 is already up for release but we are waiting for the holidays to get past. Now, we are a team of three, as recently Basilis Kanonidis joined us as support assistant.

That’s all about Codestag and work.

Speaking of life, I’ve been quite wandering around the cities to get setup as Reliance Communications provides a pretty bad internet service at high cost in my city, Varanasi, India. So I moved to Delhi last month, but just after 3 weeks I had to return because of some family issues. And seems I’ll be hanging around for a while now.

Temporary workstation.
Temporary workstation.

So I’ve been just trying around to find a better workplace.

It is to wonder that even in 21st century hundreds of cities don’t have access to a good internet connection regardless of what they are ready to pay.

Besides that I also bought some gadgets to kill that “instinct” inside me.


What’s next?

While things are going good with Codestag. I’ve started a new project Halt, a customer support software built on the top of WordPress. It’s still in its early stage, so it’s gonna take some time for it’s first public beta release. Follow Halt on twitter to stay informed.

Secondly, we’re planning to expand Codestag team as well as our marketing approarch. This year we might become an standalone WordPress theme shop instead of selling our themes over at ThemeForest.

I also am going to be a little more active at blogging and continue learning new things.

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays.