Two Years with WordPress

It’s been exactly two years today since I started working with WordPress and that was the best decision I made ever. I’ve been always thinking of giving back to the community but always ended up with an excuse of not knowing how to.

In past 2 years, I’ve done more than 50 sites on WordPress but I stopped doing client work from last Feb since I started my own venture Codestag with John Fraskos. Since then we’ve released quite a number of quality themes with thousands of happy customers.

Lately I started receiving e-mails for some help and it felt nice to provide them with a solution. I often find myself reporting issues with WordPress plugins on Github, discussing on other WordPress news related sites and sometimes on WordPress StackExchange but it’s time to do something more than that. And then decided to contribute to WordPress core.

So how I am going to do it?

I recently read a post by Luc Princen on making a decision to contribute to WP Core for an hour every week and instantly got inspired. So I’m joining him in this race and will be contributing to for one or two hours on weekends.

I’no idea yet where I will start from, probably testing some patches, edit some documents or something else.

I’ll be posting the updates here, make sure you follow me on twitter in case you are interested to keep updated with the progress.