Things I would love to see changing on Mojo

Its been 1 and half year since I started working with WordPress. Apart from taking freelance projects I thought to generate passive income and Mojo-Themes was a great way to do that. Going ahead I published a my first theme Miniature on Mojo-Themes. It wasn’t able to grab too many sales but as an start it went well.

While being a user of Mojo-Themes I came up with a couple of problems that I would like to see changing on it. As a part of this marketplace I’d like to be a part by coming up with some problems that I encounter with Mojo-Themes as follows:

  • Ability to download own items: Somehow I missed the original bundle I published on Mojo-Themes and when I needed it for some reason I wasn’t able to get it through my account, it would be a great option for any seller to download his own items any time they want.
  • Let sellers contact their buyers: I think there should be way for sellers to contact their specific item buyers, may be for giving them a sneak peek of upcoming update? Or may be item related tip etc.
  • Payment Timeline: While digging in Mojo forums I found that Mojo is a bit late on payments, which sometime makes users do some annoying stuffs. Well, actually I was one of them
  • Support Team: I contacted a couple of times to Mojo Support but a delay of 5-6 days really made me feel bad, nevertheless once they start looking into matter everything is butter smooth. Guess they need to bigger support team.
  • Sale Count: Recently I was discussing on twitter about showing item sales count on item pages. It really is a benefit for sellers, which tempts many buyers.
  • Sometimes I came across CSS issues, I don’t have any link to it and there were very minor bugs which really made things look bad.

Am still missing some of the stuffs I wrote earlier to JR Farr (especially to Mojo mascot) and some of the issues are already solved. For example: profile pages wasn’t displaying the number of likes for items, also profile pages needed a bit of re-work, happy to see the new update from Mojo Blog.

I love Mojo. I’d surely make some time to create more stuff for Mojo-Themes and Mojo-Code.

I tweet.